Monday, November 11, 2013

Can of Chipper.

So, I was surfing ebay when I came across this:

A CAN OF CHIPPER JONES!  It is a pinnacle 1998 product that features various players and inside the can is a pack of cards.  You need a can opener to open it.


SEE ^  You gotta have adult supervision!  I bet they wouldn't have this today, although 1998 isn't that long ago.  Way to many sue happy people out there.


I like the product information done like a  nutrition label.  Yes, it is sideways.  I rotated it on the computer  but it keeps showing up this way.


The cards!


I dunno what the hell was up with this card, or what they were thinking when they made it.  It is half a card of half a player featuring four different players, all Braves. 

I  also did a video of me opening it.


  1. They also made them in 1997. I have an opened 1997 Chipper on my desk. It's full of pencils ! If you want I'll send it to ya' ! Then you'll have a pair.

    Some where there is another one of those stand up cards with the slit on the bottom half. The two will fit together to form all four players and "stand-up" by itself.

  2. I didn't know that and I'd love another Chipper related anything.

    Well, that makes more sense. Doubt I'll ever get the other piece. At least it was one fourth of Chipper.

  3. I have one on my desk holding pencils as well. I'm almost ashamed to say, but it's got A-Rod ( as a Mariner) on it. Keep in mind that I have had it since 1997.