Friday, January 24, 2014

Blaster vs ceral box vs jumbo pack vs single pack

So, I picked up some 2014 Topps today.    I picked up a blaster box and two cereal boxes.

 I was looking at the amount of cards you get and found that two cereal box is much better value than a blaster box.

80 cards are in  a blaster pack plus 1 patch for twenty dollars

72 cards are in a cereal box for ten dollars

36 cards are in a jumbo pack for five dollars (last years price)
10 cards are in a single pack for two dollars (last years price)

For 20 dollars you can get..
 80 cards in a blaster
144 cards in a cereal box
144 in a jumbo pack
100 in single packs

The jumbo and cereal boxe shave  64 cards than a  blaster and 44 cards more than single packs for the same price.

Can anyone tell me why?   Is it the  patch card  the reason there are so much fewer cards than in the others?


  1. I think Topps believes the patch card holds significant value and incentive. Considering that this is their 6th(?) straight year of doing things this way, it looks like the sales must reflect that somehow. I'm not a huge fan of them, but I have been known to trade for them if they're Cardinals.

  2. How many blue parallels are in a blaster vs cereal box? For some reason I was thinking there was a lot more in a blaster.

    1. There are two cards per pack in a blaster (20 total) and three in a cereal.