Monday, October 21, 2013

Places where I have found baseball cards....

I am very unorganized and forgetful and lazy (and use and to much in a sentience)   I also have a lot of cards.    When you combine all that together you get cards in very unusual places.   Usually from me leaving them somewhere and forgetting to get them later.


Baseball cards on my computer desk

Basell cards  on my computer

Baseball card taped yo my computer (the light on the computer was bothering me one night so I got up and taped something to block out the light.  This was done without turning on the lights.  The card is a Bobby Areu)

Cards on top of my head board.

Cards on the shelving unit in the head board.

Cards under the bed

Cards  in the bed.

Cards on my book shelve.

Cards in the books themselves.

Cards in notebooks

Cards on my short dresser

Cards on my unused printer

Cards in my short dresser drawers

Cards on my bigger dresser

Cards in my bigger dresser drawers

Card in the bathroom  drawer

Card on top of the microwave

Card under the microwave

Cards on top of the fridge

Cards in the living room antique drawer

Cards in the old kitchen shelving unit thingee

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  1. You should have a baseball card scavenger hunt. Or a treasure hunt. One of the hunts.