Monday, July 27, 2009

I am a sheep.

I’m back finally. Computer still broke, but I’m using the one at my Dad’s and my uncle has an old one I can use when I go back home. Computers are great when they work, but pain in the rear that you feel like taking baseball bat to and throwing out ten story window when it doesn’t.

I’ve gotten quite a few packages from folks and I would like to thank all that have sent me something. I plan on sending thank you notes to those that have. Yes, thank you notes. I have no cards to give, so a thank you note is it. I should have been sent them out but I am the world’s worst procrastinator. What are stamsp now btw?

I bought my first O-Pee-Chee blaster a few days ago. I’ve gotten lose packs previously. Hoping to score me a Chipper as I really liked the look of his card in the set. I’ve only opened a pack thus far.

I also bought some lose packs of Allen & Ginter at Target on Saturday. I went in for a blaster but they did not have any. Oddly enough there was a guy there picking up a few lose packs of them as well. We talked and he said he hasn’t been able to find any of them around the area stores and neither have I. He did see some a while back at the Target we where in, but none since. Stop buying them so fast people.

That was the first person I’ve seen also buying cards. It was cool to see someone else though.

Those are the two sets I think I’m going to stick to this year. (Well, if I can find them) I can thank all the baseball bogs for my decision with both

Or mainly dayf for my choice in A and G. His enthusiasm enthused me. Plus they are nice looking cards.

Yes, I am a sheep just as the title says.

And I want me some Hockey cards. I have a grand total of one hockey card in a binder thus far. The only place I’ve been able to find hockey cards is at Target though. Granted I haven’t gone many places, but I would have though Wal-Mart would have something. None of the ones around me have anything though. I do live in the Southern United States though, not exactly Hockey country.


  1. why didn't you say so? I would've hooked you up when I sent you those chippers and lemkes and such.
    Hockey cards it is!

    (favourite team?, players? anything at all?)

  2. I loved all the cards you gave me.

    I'm just getting it really. It had always interested me, but I never really got a chance to see many games.

    There was a minor league hockey team where I live and I went to a game or so. I wish I could have gone to more, but unfortunately now there is no team anymore.

    No favorite player yet. I really don’t know all that much about the players or teams. I’m hoping the cards and the internet change that. Plus I’ve found some blogs as well.

    The Boston Bruins where a team I picked for some free hockey stickers from Puck Junk ( and I’m thinking about going with them.

    The Atlanta Thrashers and Carolina Hurricanes do interest me, although mainly because they are the closet teams to me.

    Any teams or players that you like feel free to suggest.

  3. Boston??? Boo!

    let's see... Atlanta would be good because of proximity, but frustrating ownership group afraid to spend money. Carolina is a good team. L.A. Kings and Chicago Blackhawks are really good teams on the rise with young players. (especially Chicago) The Calgary Flames are very entertaining (they used to be in Atlanta, moved awhile back)
    Have fun choosing!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the help. I'll try and check those teams out.

    I wish I could have gotten my first blaster today, but Target has either taken them off the shelf or else they where sold out. I wouldn't have thought they would have all gone (there where about three blasters) in less than a week.

    I did buy two retail packs though.