Sunday, August 16, 2009

David Wright is a lucky man

In case you haven't yet heard, David Wright was hit in the head by a 94 MPH pitch yesterday. He was sent to the hospital, but luckily was able to go home this morning. You can read more about it HERE.

You can see a youtube video of it HERE.

That was terrifying to watch and he is damned lucky he wasn't hurt worse by it. Without his helmet, he would have likely been killed. I just hope he is able to play again. Although it is better to take the wait and see approach, then to have him come back before he is ready.

Speaking of which, I find it almost ironic that Dinged Corners had a post on safer helmets in baseball.

So Frenchy, after seeing your teammate get beamed by a pitch.. would you still refuse to wear the helmet? After watching that I don't see why any player would refuse such. Better dorky than dead.

On another (and better) note, I am going to start collecting his cards. I decided this yesterday. (before he was beamed)

I have a grand total of 5 cards currently. Yea, wow.

Why him? Well, even if he is a... a.... *cough*Met*cough* he is a good ball player, and from what I hear a pretty good man, which means a lot to me. Besides, I need someone besides a Brave.

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  1. a Met? a freekin' Met?

    careful, you may be booted outta the union...