Thursday, July 22, 2010


Finally earning some money for some cards (what else would I buy?) . Not much, which is why I settled on a blaster of upper Deck 2009 which was %40 percent off. I bought this last week, but I'm a lazy and wanted to use the scanner to post pictures as pictures make everything better.

One jersey card inside you say!

There was no jersey card in my blaster. I feel cheated. I feel betrayed.

Below the large red 40 % sticker, was another sticker. An orange rectangular sticker! It was on every single Upper Deck Series 2 2009 product, which consited for three blasters and some double packs.


ahem... seriously? Way to make money off the gullible.

The only card he is in, is a USA baseball which is only one of 20 jersey cards or one of 18 non jersey cards. A 1/20 chance isn't that bad if those are the only jersey cards that you can pull..... I mean 1/20 blasters though, not packs. ( I haven't pulled anything besides the USA in the past.) Dunno the odds are on the others as I suck at math. Upper deck doesn't list the odds of getting such and such card like Topps does.

They had Allen and Ginter products as well, but no sticker on those and I do believe they have a Strasburg (I think?)

I do like the base cards however which is why I bought two more blasters today. Plus I am a bit gullible and do hope to pull a Strasburg. Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone though

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