Wednesday, November 3, 2010

120 cards vs 80 cards

and since two packs of those 80 cards are the black bordered ones that means 64 cards VS 120. At leats to those wanting to build a set.

I use to think that the blasters provided a better deal. However, I can get 10 lose packs with 12 cards each for the same price as a Blaster with 10 packs of cards with 8 cards in each pack. Topps 2010, series 1, I am talking about you!

What the heck its up with that? I don't get it. Why pay the same price for 40 less cards? Is it because of the OMFG patch card you can get?

...and enough with the inserts. 3 inserts in each pack is to damn many. I have enough of them to build a 12 story card tower. If you need/want any let me know. They are yours.


  1. Any chance some of those black cards are Red Sox? I have a box of Braves to trade and I am sure I can hit your set want list pretty hard.

  2. I would like to work a trade with you for any black bordered Mets and Yankees you may have as well as any inserts you can hit off the 2010 want list on the sidebar of my Buffet blog. I can dig up some braves and probably hit some stuff off your want lists. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. I ended up getting the loose packs. I may have some black bordered somewhere, but I'd have to look. Do you need any other kinds of cards?