Saturday, April 16, 2011

I would be very rich...

If I made a device that could make your want list for you. ...and post them to your blog or website.

....Or am I the only one that finds making a want lists painstakingly boring and.. painstaking? Looking though 300 plus cards or more to find which ones are missing is the least fun for me in the whole card collecting world. That and sorting them in the right order to begin with.

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally need to sort through the topps 2011 cards I have, and the 2010Topps updates, and the 2011 Topps Heritage. (speaking of which, does anyone have the Brave manager card? I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it!)

I have got to stop buying cards until I do. Of course I always tell myself that and then as soon as I hit the card isle my will power fades and a pack goes in the buggy.

Point to all this? I am a lazy horrible procrastinator who has zero will power.


  1. For me sorting and organizing is one of the best parts of collecting. I guess it is like mowing the yard; some like it and some hate it.

    I hate mowing by the way. One of the best parts of moving to AZ is that there is no grass.

  2. I kind of like going through the cards, except it always takes toooo long. For the Topps boxes I've been going through for my project - when I start, I organize all the cards by hundreds, then sort from there. For a 792 card set, I enjoy it the first 2 "hundreds" or so. After that it feels like work.

    Say I open a box of cards - I actually try to organize as I go, but that's not really possible for boxes when you're gonna get less than 70% of the set.