Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I met Heyward! (and Fredi and Brian Jordan and Julio Teheran!)

So, I went to Columbia for the Braves Caravan today. Got there three and a half hours early and was 22 in line, which is also Heyward's number . They didn’t let me keep the paper sadly. There was also Brian Jordan, Julio Teheran and Fredi Gonzalez. I had a card of Heyward and Jordan. I already had one of Fredi signed, although I didn't have one of him as a Brave.


I had a good time. I just dread the line in Cumming. Some people had arrived before the store opened.


  1. I love those kinds of opportunities ! Looks like you had a real good time ! My oldest son and I just went to Press Tour for the Indians that was similar to your trip.

  2. I got to go to the Braves Caravan in Charlotte a year or so ago and it was a blast. Congrats on the autos!

  3. Sweet! I just met J-Hey at a signing last Saturday. The one time I went to one of these in Alpharetta there was a line going all the way out the doors of the Publix and halfway across the shopping center. I should have went early like you!