Sunday, March 3, 2013



I was all set to watch  the Tigers VS Braves games tonight.  Actually I was set to watch it when it came on live, but MLBN lied and showed the blasted cursed damn dirty rotten Phillies.  The other channel it was suppose to come on, I don't have.

No fear though, MLBN would be showing the game at 8PM.  I eagerly count down the hours and excitedly rush in the house after coming home from a trip to town and flip on the TV.  My heart pounds in eager anticipation for the clock to read 8:00 PM

..only to see a black screen with the message "MLB preseason baseball has been blocked out on this channel."

Direct TV (piece of crap) must abide (abide... seriously?) by agreed upon rules for distrbuting programs.."
WARNING:  The half assed rant below contains cursing

....WHAT THE HELL?   It is a fucking spring training game gosh darn it!  Blackout rules are the biggest bunch of BS ever.    .   IF I COULD GO TO THE GAME, I WOULD BE THERE FUCKWITS!   

I was all set to see, Uggla, Freeman, Heyward and the Upoton brothers who where said to be playin today.

 PS  This rant was meant to be longer, but I'm hungry and tired and MONK is on.

PPS...Damnit my sandwich and curly fries are cold.


  1. I feel your pain. I moved from Chicago to NE Iowa and have to miss half of the Bears games because the powers that be here always prioritize the Vikings and Packers and even Payton Manning. Thank god we get the Comcast Sportsnet Chicago channel here for the Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks.

  2. Yep. I hate 'em too. I actually live in Atlanta and for the past two weekends I have not been able to see/listen to any games because:
    1) I don't have cable
    2) I can't buy MLBTV and watch the games online due to blackout rules
    3) they are broadcasting the games on the backup AM stations that I can't get where I live
    4) I can't stream the radio station online because of blackout rules
    5) I was all set to spend $20 on the MLB 13 app to listen to the games that way but it doesn't work on my version of Android.

    I'm beginning to wonder why I bother trying to listen to the games at all.

  3. That just seems like a mistake. I don't think the league's blackout rules apply to what are essentially exhibition games. It sounds like Direct TV just has some sort of automated bullshit set up to drive people mad.

    Also, Monk is great!

  4. No other business limits consumer access to their product quite like MLB.

    Similarly, I was all jazzed to start watching MLBTV on my recently acquired Apple TV. Until I couldn't. A quick internet search turned up that Apple and MLB had yet to update the app. Last year it took a few days. This year it's almost two weeks (and counting). F them.