Saturday, June 29, 2013

Game pictures 6/28/2013

 I made it to my first Brave game of the year last night.   It was Chipper Jones Jersey retirement night, which was the whole reason for going.   It was also a plus they were playing the diamondbacks and I got to see Prado play.  I miss him as a Brave.

We were pretty high up (third level) so we didn't get great pics but we had a great time.  I just wanted to be there to see my favorite Brave get his number retired.  I was there for the game last year when they honored him and his bobble head night and wantned to be here for this.

The ceremony was great.  So many people were there.  Ted Turner and Bobby and lots of others.  It was great seeing them talk about Chipper.  I almost cried at one point during it.  It was great seeing his kids there and his parents.

The game was also great.  We won 3-0.   Julio kicked some ass.  I am also proud to say Prado got a standing ovation when he first came up to bat.

I wanted to upload a video but blogger is being an ass.  Here are some pics instead.
Those are some big balls you got there...
Big number 10. They had that there when they honored him last year.


Notice it yet?

Hey there, good looking!

My favorite shirt

purrrty sky


I caught a fish and it was thiiiiiiiiiiis big

I see a cloud shaped like a turtle!

Sun set


  1. Nice pics ! Must have been a great time.

  2. Thanks, and it was! Just wish I could have gotten some shots of their faces as well. ;p

  3. thanks! I was hoping SOMEBODY was going to post some pics of this.

    Of course the game wasn't even on frakken tv where I live.