Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iron=:( Mail= :)

Today is not my day. No it is not. Nope. Nada. Mainly due to the fact the pool we worked so hard to put up is now a dark red in color thanks to all the iron in the water. Plus other things have managed to make this day one I would rather forget.

There was one bright spot however, and that came by way of the mailman.

I GOT MY TOM GLAVINE CARD! I thought I was going to be forced to wait yet another day when my mom and I drove up to check the mail, as it, nor my beloved choptalk didn’t appear to be there.

….Then she pulled two pieces of mail that had been left behind in the box…. and THERE IT WAS!

.. an envelope addressed to me, with the return address bearing “compliments of bad wax.” Oh, bright spot in a not so happy day! ( ..I’m still waiting on Chop Talk.)

The envelope had torn open already, but there was Tommy gazing up at me, as safe and sound as any card could be. My very first card in the mail, the first of many I hope.


  1. nice! do you have a picture of it?

  2. I have lost my camera and have no scanner sadly.

    Here it is though on the contest page.


    (I have no idea how to pst links.)