Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hi y'all

So I suppose I should give an introduction of sorts.

I’m a twenty four year old female from South Carolina who is obsessed with baseball cards. The baseball card isle is the first (and sometimes) only stop I make in a store and has been where every red cent of my money has gone over the past few weeks. (Self control is something I lack) Nothing makes me more excited and giddy then ripping open a pack of cards and seeing what I got. Since I am currently unable to work, I will do any job for my family that needs doing, from shoevling horseshit to washing cards in exchange for cards.

Although I have always loved the pieces of rectangular cardboard, I never really was serious about the hobby. I have always collected, but it was a just a pack here or a pack there. I didn’t really know much about the different brands or cards, or even that there where Series 1 and Series 2. I didn’t treat the cards a well as I should have.

Now, I’m older and wiser and the card collecting bug has bitten me hard. I still don’t know a lot about cards, but I hope to learn. I’ve been learning a lot by reading all the kick ass baseball blogs out there though. I had no idea there where so many of them. There are several now I read everyday, multiple times a day.

The blogs, combined with my nonexistent social life and lack of job. has inspired me to create my own blog. Bandwagon here I come!

The blog will be about my adventures in the baseball card world. From blaster packs to my futile serach of a baseball card shop, to... to... something.

I should also add that I’m a huge a Brave Fan. Chipper, AKA, the injury prone third baseman, is my favorite ball payer. They likely will also be brought up from time to time.

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