Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look ma, I'm rambling without the aid of drugs or beer

2,000 cards in a big ol' bin

a big ol' random pile of assorted teams, years and brands in various conditions.

Let's say I sort 100 cards a day.

That means in.... 20 days I can have all the cards sorted into their various teams.

Then I'll arrange the cards alphabetically by a player's last name, working on two teams a day.

So in..... 14 days I will have all the teams sorted.

I'll take on five days for procrastination.

and take away three because I have no life and thus might sort 200 cards a day, or else do for teams a day. The cards will go in a team baggie. A SANDWHICH BAGGIE!


(pssssssssst ^ That baggie says Tigers as it was an old one I found that I didn't toss out when I did all this before. Notice how wrinkly it is)

…I'll even use some bags that have the warning that they are not intended for infants as some teams will be to big for a mere sandwich bag.


Each bag will have a team name written in PERMANET marker.

...Not washable.


...cause I'm a daredevil risk taker like that.

That means I will need 31 bags, likely 6 of them being freezer bags or maybe 10 or.. or... I DON'T KNOW! I'm just going to go with ten.

Why 31 bags when there are only 30 teams?

Well, I also have cards of three players on three different teams and minor leagues as well. So the cards with than two players on two different teams get a bag and the players not on an MLB team get a bag.

Shouldn't that be 32 then you ask?

I am not including the Braves as they have their own special box I have decorated just for them. IT IS SNAZZY!

Then I will divide the teams into N.L and A.L

Then I'll arrange the teams alphabetically and place them in the two boxes that I have labeled N.L and A.L

..but I'll leave them in the baggies, cause I'm not finished yet.

I'll give myself a day for both tasks. Pshh... an hour. I'm good.

I actually already have some teams in the boxes(some sorted alphabetically already) ((By TEAM and PLYER)) and at one point I had nearly all my cards sorted (by TEAM and PLAYER), but something happened and now they are unsorted. I think it was when I was in kick to sort by set and then realized that I will never complete the sets and grew frusterated and thus decided to go back to teams.

I will end up taking out all the teams I have in the boxes currently and placing them in the team bags with the cards that where in the bin, because If I don't and end of sorting the cards in the bin alphabetically and the find the same team in the boxes sorted alphabetically I will have to sort them again.

…..Now I'm confused.

Anyways, then I will need to make labels for the teams that will go in the boxes as well, so I can separate the teams and know exactly where the Cardinals end and the Cubs begin.

That will take a day... MAYBE TWO! Again, procrastination.

Then I can take the teams out of the bags and I will be done!

This will take place in the same day that I finish making the labels and putting them in the boxes alphabetically.

So in....... 40 days I will have all this done. Or well, when I added up the20 days and then the 12 and then I subtracted 5 from 3 and added one day and then two more.

Actually it is 39, but I like nice even numbers so 40 it is.

But wait, I'm a terrible guesstimater.

What if I only have 1, 000 cards?!




Let's add nine more days for procrastination and one more because 50 is better than 49 and 30 is better than 29.

.....Now I just need to purchase some baggies.

*Pants for breath*

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  1. Cow holy. I need an advanced degree to understand that. I do like the Braves box. I think you may have inspired me to do a box for my Dunn collection.