Saturday, February 13, 2010

Screw Chocolate, gimmie cards.

So today is Valentines day. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Either the most romantic day ever or the the most commercialized, depending on which way you look at it. Or just another Sunday, which is how I see it.

I don't have anybody really to buy before, besides family and they got cards. Hallmark type cards, not the baseball ones cause they don't care about it. Or Hallmark like ones as the actual ones are expensive. 4.99 for a CARD? AND IT DOESN'T EVEN SING!

But if I did have somebody I'd have to tell them the traditional stuff just wont cut it.

A dozen roses? How about a dozen packs of base cards?

Instead of a box of chocolate, a blaster box of 2010 topps series 1.

Jewelry? Forget about it! A hobby box of cards is the way to go!

A romantic card? Pass. A game used Chipper Jones jersey card is much better deal.

Tickets to an Opera? TICKETS TO A SPRING TRAINING GAME! Duuuur.

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