Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upper deck 2010

I have zero will power.

I told myself I would stick to one set.

Then I told myself I would stick to two sets.

Now I will tell myself to stick with just three sets. No more. I can't afford anymore. Hell, I can't afford the sets I am going after, but I ain't backing down now. I've already bought a blaster and two rack packs as well as a JUMBO pack. .....and soon to be another blaster.


I like the action shots of the player. There are some good crisp, clean shots. I like the little image of the player as well. It lets me get a better look at them as some of the shots don't always show their face. I also like how the back of the card is designed, with the info blurb on the side in a box and the basic info in another box. Makes it easier for me to read and neater.


The silver writing on the front should be white. I find it hard to read. The space between the upper deck series 2010 mubo jumbo at the bottom and the end of the stats. is to... glaring. Glaring is the wrong word, but I don't like all that space. They could have done something. Made the font a size larger or something.

I am nowhere near to completing the set. I don't even have the cards in order yet, let alone a want list, but I will work on that.

I was hoping that some of you collected this set as well so I could trade away my doubles . I haven't seen where many people have stated they are going after this set, so if you know anyone that does, let me know.

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  1. I'm not collecting the entire set, but I bought a bunch of packs so I can probably fill some of the holes in your set for some Met doubles.