Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know you talk to much about the Braves, when...

So last week I spent a night with my aunt. She raises my cousin's four year old daughter. We call her Rosie.

Anyhow, they (my aunt and grandmother) had mentioned that I would be spending the night and Rosie responds with....

"I don't get no Bobby Jones on my TV."

My five year old nephew used to to mix up Brian McCann and John McCain, back when he was running for president.

Me: "Who is running for President?"

Him: " Brian McCain."

.....You can't tell our political views at all.

and every person in a uniform he used to see was "Chipper."

When he was three and watching a football game he had said "There goes Chipper, running down the field."

What can I say, I like recuting Brave fans early on.

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