Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is no crying in baseball.

Except for now. I can't believe I am crying over a damn baseball player. That is a a girl for you, ehhh?

Chipper is out for the rest of the season. Likely for his career if he retires this year, which I have a feeling he will. He is going to need surgery on his knee.

Goddammit. God fucking dammit. He was doing so well lately. His hitting had really come around.

I planned on seeing him play this year, possibly his least year. We have been talking about tickets and the best time to go just yesterday. Now that will never happen.

There will never be a player like Chipper. Not ever, He was one helluva ball player and one I know will be in the hall of fame. Not only that, but he cared about his team. You hardly ever see that kind of loyalty, where players go to whoever the highest bidder is.

Chipper negotiated his contract to help the team. How many people would do that? Not many. He even moved to left field to help out. He was the definition of a team player. he was the spokesman for the Braves and a mentor for the younger players. The only Brave left from the team of the 90's. He started as a Braves and will leave as one. That is a rare commmidity these days , when players bounce around from team to team like ping pong balls.

He was my all time favorite baseball player. I loved him ever since I was ten years old when I first picked him out. I have watched him him struggle and read about his hardships, some his own fault. I have clipped articles, collected memorabilia and cheered myself hoarse. I have wathced him mature not only as a ball player, but as a man. You will be missed Chipper.


  1. Take it easy girl !! You should be getting some Chipper stuff in the mail tomorrow. I'll be posting the cards you you sent me tonight. Thanks !!

  2. From what I read it's a stretch and not a tear, so rehab will take about 6 months. Maybe there's a chance he'll come back next year. I was looking forward to seeing him in the pennant race though. He and Medlen can be rehab buddies now.

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