Friday, October 1, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Marlins VS Braves - 9/29/2010

More pictures of my fourth Brave Game of 9/29/2010 Marlins VS the Braves. They swept them!

View from our seats. Best seats I've ever had.

Conrad doling some funny stretches.

Bobby Cox being awarded a custom painting. Chop talk readers had the chance of donating and getting thier name on the back of the picture. I wasn't able to, but I do have a poster of the picture on my wall.

Likely to be our starting first baseman next year. Came close to hitting a homer.

My only glimpse at B- Mac. He didn't get a chnace to hit sadly.

I took more of Heyward than anyone. Didn't really notice till afterwards. Only posting a few though.

I believe he was walked. Look how taller he is compared to Glen.

ACTION SHOT! To bad I cut of his hand.

I wanted a view of the stands as wel.

D-Lowe was AWESOME!

Conrad juts before his home run.

Conrad just after his after homerun

The pitcher from down under.

My mom loved Billy Wagner's introduction. They showed Wyat Earp played be Curt Russsell on the big screem. (We think that was how it was anyhow.)


WOOO HOO! Haven't been to a game yet where they lost.

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