Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Braves Caravan!

A week or so ago I posted that the Braves Caravan was coming to Evans. Well, I wernt and it was SUPER GREAT. You can tell it was SUPER GREAT because SUPER GREAT is in all caps.

I edned up being the first one in line. I was there for over three hours. Talked to a guy there most of the time who was the secodn in line. He had season tickets.

They where stricter this year. We where all given numbers and where told they could only sign one item and I coulld not get pictures with them. They even took my number which I wnated to keep and them gloat that I was number one.

I did take a picture OF them though.

and... and... here are there autographs!

I also got Fredi and Freddie to sign cards aswell. (I BROKE THE RULES! Shhhhhh..don't tell anyone.)I wished I would have had another card of Freddy though. Pen does not go good on shinny chrome.

I was so nervous in front of them. They where BRAVES and right in front of me. Genuine bonfied Brave players! I should have asked them to skae hands, like someone else did. Then I could have touched a Brave.

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