Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You have GOT to be kidding me -__-

So, I was checking out you you tube to see if someone has posted any videos of any 2011 topps. I came across only one. It was made by the user name That is like, I dunno... baseball blasphemy to call yourself that.

They actually quote...

"....if you'd like to learn how to find relics, autos, and other hot packs in this product and many more visit our website at www.PackSearchers.Com."

Great thing to teach newcomers and kids that don't know any better.-_-

They even post VIDEOS on learning the art of douchebaggery.

I checked out the website which you have to sign up for to be able to see/do anything. After signing up you are taken to a message board. You can only view one thread however.

They want you to pay to be able to see the other boards. You get to pay to learn how to a douche of the card collecting world. I bet the admin is making his mother proud that she gave him her basement to live in (No offense to any non pack searchers living in their parent's basement. You don't count).

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope that when a sap actually pays they are taken to a page that reads...



  1. I hope that someone rips his spleen out with a fork...and I say that as a pacifist.

  2. Sometimes douchbaggery knows no bounds. Wow. Smed you bring the fork I'll bring the chainsaw, that's coming from a man who likes to log and collect cards and eat tacos and watch Lost episodes but not the last one because that SUCKKKKED.

  3. It's people like this that just suck all the fun out of the hobby.