Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jump in prices on 2011 topps series 1.

I was just checking out blowout cards and saw that their price on a hobby box of series 1 2011 has jumped up twenty dollars as has their jumbo. Other sites seem to be following suit.

This makes me glad I pre-ordered a week or so ago. However, for those that did not, not so much. It would have certainly put my card buying on hold, at least concerning 2011 series 1 cards.

The jump in price appears to be because of the wrapper redemption Topps has announced which I am sure most of you have heard about. If you send in 36 hobby wrappers or 10 jumbo ones you get a 5 card set featuring current MLB players on 1952 black diamond design. Read more about it HERE.

Is that really worth the extra jump in price? I'm asking you guys, the seasoned vetrens of card collecting, versus me, the rookie. I figure a lot of people will be redeming these cards which will decrease the price of said cards.(I would assume) I would rather save my twenty and put it to any black diamond card I wanted, which is sure to appear on E-bay.

I will likely send in the wrappers just because, but I care more about putting together the base set.


  1. In June you'll be able to buy a box for 40 bucks. I'll just bide my time...

  2. I usually do. I was just anxious this year and had the money.

  3. Yea, disappointed in the jump in price. May lead me to wait longer for the mad rush to die down. The redemptions certainly had an effect but so could the growing anticipation overall for this set. Topps is really hyping it up with all the 60th anniversary stuff.

  4. I just talked to the guy at my local store, and thankfully he's going to give me a deal on a box even though the price has gone up, since I'm a regular at the store.

    This is off-topic, but are you still looking for any cards from 2010 Topps? I saw from past posts of yours that you were working on sets and I have quite a few doubles from Series 1, 2, and Update. I'm missing just 5 cards (1 from Update and 4 from Series 2) so maybe we can help each other out!