Monday, January 10, 2011

50 doubles in a hobby box?

Is that normal? Or did I get a dud.

My mom bought a Series 2, 2010 hobby box as birthday gift and I winded up with a mess of doubles. I did get a rookie redemption and auto as the box promised however. It puts a dent in my set collection though.

I got a Heyward at least :) Very few Braves Sadly. Lot of Mets.


  1. Oh Mets! I think I have most of the base stuff, but did you get any subset stuff you'd be willing to part with?

  2. What were the redemption and auto you got? Anything good?

  3. More base than anything, but I have a topps attax Jason Bay and a Tom Seaver Vintage Legends if you want them.

    I got #7 on the redemption which looks to be Domonic Brown and a (sticker) Rvail Ibanz auto.

  4. Hey, I have the Bay already, but I'd love the Seaver. How about Topps number 298 and 310 (I think they are on your want list) and a Topps Update Martin Prado #US-117. Also, let me know if you got any Ike Davis cards.