Friday, January 21, 2011

Just pre-ordered my first ever hobby box.

Of Topps 2011 series 1! I have collected all the sets starting from 2007 and up ...except for 2009 because I got pissed off at walmart (and my lack of paying attention) and bought a couple blasters of the black boarded cards before I realized my error.

Now I can get an early start on my set building and not have to wait until practically the next year to start collecting for the year before. In fact, I just got a 2008 upper deck masterpieces retail box last week.

...and it seems Topps has moved up the date of release to Feb 2 for 2011 series 1. :)

Also, I am curious how many people out there are set collectors.

I like collecting certain players and teams, but there is nothing like putting together a set. I love filling a hole in a nine page sleeve when I finally get the card I was looking for. I love being able to watch my set want list dwindle and get smaller and smaller. I love flipping through my binders and seeing all the filled pages. I love that I have something to do with my doubles if there are other fellow set collectors.


  1. I used to collect sets but that got to be to overwhelming. So I just collect individual players now. I know that I have cards of the players you collect, plus I may be able to help you with the UD X collection. I will look through my cards and see what I find for you.

  2. Congrats! I hope you pull some great cards. Keep me in mind for any Mets dupes you pull. I have only tried collecting sets or subsets where I REALLY like the base cards.