Saturday, September 4, 2010

How do you throw a player on the bench out?!

So I am visiting my dad and he has no TV. That means I am listening to the Braves on the radio. It isn't that bad really, I can easily picture the players in my mind and I like the announcers.

Except there are times when I really wish I had a working TV.

Apparently Chipper got tossed out. I thought they where joking at first. How does a player on the bench get tossed out? I guess he, well... he had to say something. I only turned the game on to the tail end of the game to see (I mean HEAR) them saying Chipper was tossed. O__O

I am glad to see him with the team. He said he had gotten stir crazy sitting on his couch watching the game.

EDIT: I JUST LOST THE GAME!!! I fiddled with the dial to get it to come in clearer and now I can't find it!

EDIT 2: Never mind, false alarm. I jiggled the clock radio and found it again ^__^

Note to self: DON'T TOUCH!

EDIT 3: ...and what is wrong with the moronic home plate umpire? he seems to be screwing up a lot of calls, judging by the announcers anyhow.

EDIT 4: and Ankiel makes a great catch to end the inning.

Enough edits. How many games do you listen to on the radio and do you generally enjoy it?


  1. I enjoy listening on the radio more than watching on TV. usually I'm listening to the game while doing something else - working, cleaning up, sorting cards, on the web. I really like Jim Powell's play by play and me and Don, we're pals now.

  2. I'll usually catch a couple dozen games on the radio during the year -- mostly spring training ones. I enjoy hearing the announcers from around the country on I can't stand Wayne Hagin, so I don't enjoy the Mets broadcasts that much.

    Up until 2001, I never had cable so I used to catch a lot of games on the radio. I loved listening to Bob Murphy.

  3. I used to love listening to games on the radio, and trying to find a broadcast of a game from the most distant place possible (it was usually the St. Louis game).

    I don't listen to games on the radio anymore. All I can get is the Yankees broadcast, and they have the WORST ANNOUNCERS EVER.