Sunday, September 5, 2010

Go to Baskin Robins and get me a Brave hat!

I command you!

Baskin Robins is doing this special where you can get ice cream in a baseball hat. ICE CREAM in a BASEBALL HAT! What can be better? NOTHING! Unless Heyward was serving the ice cream.

SEE this really… odd commercial.

Of course by the time I finally got to go to one they had no Braves, neither did the other one I went to. Damn other people liking the Braves. Why can't I be from New York? Then they'd only get the cups to, I dunno... piss in or something.

They still didn’t stop me from getting one and thus far I have a Phillies, a Tampa Bay and a Marlins.

The store I went to yesterday only have three hats left Marlins, Nationals and the Rockies.

I bet they have the Braves where you live. At least if you are out of Braves country.

It is a good deal. You get ice cream and I get a hat. I’ll even pay you back the money. I just want a Brave hat. >__<

I also heard they sell the hats and at MLB games… is this true? They come with ice-cream I would assume, although I doubt you get to pick your hat as everyone would request the same team.


  1. No luck here in Alaska. but I remember when Dairy Queen use to do the same thing years ago. I still have my hats somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember which teams I got. good luck.

  2. No luck around here. I went to the closest BR last month and the girl working behind the counter said that they did not have the helmets. She said they came in one day and they were gone the next.