Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wild Card...

Before today, I wasn't that familiar with the Wild Card. Ok, so I didn't really have a clue what it was. I've been hearing the Braves possibily being the NL wild card however so today I did a little research. Correct me if I am wrong.

Since there are only three divisions, the Wild card goes to the team out of all the divisions with the best record... minus the winning teams. Am I right? Thus far that is the Braves. I pray that kick ass against the Phillies and become the leaders of the NL east. They are three games behind thus far and they have six games to play

I am not sure I really agree with the wild card however. I think that there should be four divisions instead. The best teams out of each division should play each other. After all, it is about the best of the best. Not the best and the second best.

Four teams in each division would be ideal. That is all fine and well with the NL, but the AL only has fourteen teams. That would mean either there needed to be two more teams or for a team to move, which I don't really know is possible.

Or maybe I have no idea what the hell I am talking about.


  1. I'm not a fan of the wild card because the wild card team has no real disadvantage once they're in the playoffs.

    The math doesn't work for four divisions in each league, but there is a way to give the division winners a real advantage in the playoffs.

    Add a second wild card team. Make them play a one-game playoff the day before the division series starts. The winner of that game gets to go play the division winner with the best record, and they probably won't be able to use their best pitcher until game four. The loser goes home.

    Suddenly, second place seems more like the consolation prize it should be.

  2. I love the wild card. The Marlins won with it in 1997, it has given the Red Sox playoff opportunities when the Yankees were in just makes the playoffs more exciting in general. Winning your division can be easy sometimes (granted not always), and the wild card gives every team in every division (other than the division winners) a shot at the playoffs. It's crazy, but crazy awesome.

  3. I'm old-fashioned. Get rid of the divisions and let the team with the best record in the AL play the best team in the NL in the World Series. Will never happen because who wants to get rid of all that playoff money and as the Mooss points out, the Wild Card makes it exciting when your team is the fourth best in the league.

    As for your definition, you are correct, ma'am.