Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gimme your (EXLUSIVE) blue bordered (PARALLEL) cards! ...please.

So Wal-Mart has once again decided they where going to have their very own special blue bordered parallel cards or as the packs so excitedly exclaim.. LOOK FOR EXCLUSIVE BLUE-BORDERED PARALLEL CARS! COLLECT THE WHOLE SET!

.. lik.. OHHH MMM GEEE!!!!!

It makes set collecting  even that much harder for people that only have retail, unless they order online. WHY do they think this is a good idea?    Have they TALKED to any collectors out there?  Who decided this shit?  Wal-mart?  Topps?  Money grubbing bastards?

But uhh...  I really like the look of the blue bordered cards.  I even managed to pull a  blue Freddie and McCann.  They are just so purtty!

So.... I am going to try and complete a most impossible task, a task that will fail at, but I bask in the glory of failure, because, hey, it is baseball cards.

I am going to try  to build a (EXLUSIVE) blue bordered set.  This is where you guys come in.  I need your blue cards, all of them.  You can have my inserts... minus any Braves.  You can have the normal bordered cards, I just gotta get me some blue. Tell your friends or your baseball blogging friends! Tell your enemies... or well, baseball blogging enemies!  Tell anyone or well,  anyone that blogs and collects baseball cards!

Currently my want list is massive.  It will be easier to list the cards I HAVE.

15, 16,  20, 38,  39, 44, 56, 60, 93, 108, 114, 120, 129,  130, 133, 135, 140, 145, 151,  152,  164, 166,
177, 193,  205, 210,  214, 240, 250, 255, 259, 275, 280, 300, 322,  329

Plus whatever number McCannn and Freddie are.

Any help would be much appreciated.  oh, I switched e-mails .  Actually I lost my password to my old account because hotmail said my old one was to weak so I changed it and then forget what I changed it to and didn't enter any info to get it backed because I  always passed that part of hotmail by while loudly cursing it.  I don't want to put no damn phone number damnit!

My new one?

martinpradofan @ hotmail . com

I also want a Chipper patch card.  I'll trade my soul for that.


  1. I may have a couple to spare.

    I just want the blue Indians,
    who am I kidding ?,
    I want any and all the Indians !!

  2. I wish the blue parallels were actually blue. I'd be much more interested if they were. I like my blue like 2003 Topps, not the weird light grey-blue thing that they have going on. I still need all of the Cardinals in that version, though.