Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Now that is a a lotta cards

My brother gave me a late christmas gift....
A box full of cards. Lots and lots of cards.   Cards of all years from the 80's to the 00's.  Cards from various companies, such as tri star, topps, and donruss (and likely  more) Cards from different sets. topps base, topps staduim and many more.  Along with baseall cards, there are basketball,football and even nascar thrown in.
...and more.  Actually they all fit in the box untill I took some out to look at them then couldn't get them to fit back in.
I have no idea what to do with them all.   So far I have been keeping all the Braves I have come across.  Thye have ranged from a Freedie Freeman to a Charlie O'Brian.  I really should try and sort through them. I just have no where to put them all.


  1. Oh brother,what a brother !

    Looks like a fun box to go through !!

  2. Wow that is quite a haul probably about 4 big flat rate boxes worth. Sorry for this being a long reply.

    I'd suggest sort them first by sport and then by team don't bother trying to figure out "what" they are. Sorting just by sport/team will take enough time. Keep any you want but there probably won't be if the Braves is all you collect.

    Then post a general list on your blog and hope the right collectors see it. IF you are on any online trading card forums post your "trade list" there.

    Or hold a contest or two probably one or two for each sport and the winner gets the lot of that sport.

    The Basketball and NASCAR will probably be the hardest to get rid of just because there are not as many Basketball collectors as baseball and football collectors. All though NASCAR is pretty big with the southern states so it might not be super hard.

    You don't have to get too specific for listing (that would take way way too long) just generalize with number of cards for that team and list two maybe three of the really big players if you know who they are that are included. If anyone wants more details then you can get more specific at that time.

    To help out some I'd be interested in either trading for or buying any of the Washington and Baltimore teams: Nationals, Orioles, Redskins, Ravens, Bullets/Wizards. (and if any Hockey Capitals) Oh and Rams in Football. I'll even take checklists and mascots if any. For a possible trade I'll look to see what Braves and/or Chipper I have.

    my blog is