Sunday, February 17, 2013

The best chocolate bar in the WORLD (that is no longer made)

I  have always been a huge Chipper fan. Anything and everything that had   (...had?) his name or image on it had to be mine! mine! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!   Shirts (lots of them)  posters (lots of them) figurines (lots of them) cards (lots and lots of them with help from you) and more   I even have a Chipper trashcan.

 Back in 98 when I was all of thirteen, they announced they would be making a candy bar in honor of Chipper.  Well, you can imagine my reaction.

....I can make even the most rabid of the Bebier fan girls seem tame in comparison

Here is a youtube link of the bar and what a (very young) Chipper thinks.

Of course when they came out I had to have them. I don't remember where I got them from, just that I did.   I had two. One to eat and one to save.    I am not a big fan of candy but I loved that Chipper bar with its crispy rice!   So much so, that I did something unthinkable. 

I was all set to save the other bar when we went to the grocery store.  How I remember this and yet forget where I put the TV remote five minutes later... I do not know.  I  just know it was late and I was in my then step fathers red Toyota. He had stopped by Bi-lo and I decided to stay in the truck while he shopped.  I also know that  when I looked up at the street lights they reminded me of alien space ships. (I was strange, even then)  I already had the bar with me at the time.  I don't know why, but I did.  Likely because I was (...was?) and over zealous fan girl.

I looked down at his sexy  cute face on the  wrapper  smiling back at me and told myself this bar was the one I was going to save.  I must not give into temptation and eat  his chocolaty goodness.    Like Eve with the apple, I was to be tempted, but this time it would be a then 26 year old ballplayer who led me astray as I ripped into the bar and devoured every bit of it.

I tried to justify myself by saying I would keep the wrapper.  Anyone that knows me though, knows  that this did not happen.  I would lose my own head if it were not attached... and other parts.  Thus the wrapper was lost forever.  I remember being upset and then getting over it. From time to time though I would  be reminded of the Bar that was named after the one they called Chipper and the despair and disappointment would come flooding back.  I would eagerly search google in hopes of coming across any signs of the bar only to leave the computer chair (actually a  kitchen chair dubbing as a computer chair) dejected and heartbroken.

Then one day I was searching ebay, and I came across the most wondrous site ever. Someone was selling a Martin Prado  light switch cover.

No, It was the Chipper bar.   Actually there was a Prado light switch cover I really wanted, but that is a tale for another time and place.   My journey was not over though.  I had another adversary, even worse than my nonexistent will power... my Mom

See, it was under her account. I had the money I could give her, but she thought it was a waste a of money.  Back and forth we went like two zombies with a severed arm,   but I prevailed in the end.


and no, I am not gunnna eat it this time!


  1. Great story!! Funny how your remember such things but forget where the remote is....

  2. I just read an article about people eating those things just the other day. Probably best to avoid giving in to temptation this time around!

  3. That's awesome! I have 4 unopened Ken Griffey Jr candy bars from 1989 that I'm not planning on eating any time soon either.