Friday, September 4, 2009

Buying individual cards?

I seem to be full of questions these days.

Is there anywhere that allows a person to buy multiple cards of a set? Like if you just wanted just 1, 6, 16, 88, and 100. I've heard card shows allow you to do so, but sadly I can't find one anywhere near enough I could convince someone to drive me.

That being said if anyone knows about any in South Carolina (that isn't on the coast) let me know.

Most sites only sell buy the blaster or packs. I know sites like E-bay sell individual cards, but they aren't the place to go if you need to finish a set really.


  1. Sportlots is probably the best place online. If they are newer sets, try trading for them on TheBench Forums or Sports Card Forums.

  2. yeah, if you can't trade for them, hit up Sportslots... just try to get cards from one buyeer, cuts down on shipping costs.

  3. Try hitting up

    They have a ton of cards there that are reasonably priced and you can get singles for sets EXTREMELY cheap.