Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some questions....

Do blaster boxes (of the same product)in a store contain the same cards as each other? What I mean is, if you where to buy two, would you get a lot of duplicates? I've heard varying things, but I would like know if that is the case you buy more than one blaster.

Also, do you keep a binder of your favorite team? I want too, but I have to many cards for that to happen really. I'm thinking about just keeping a binder of my favorite player/s.

And one more question... anyone know a site with a good price on sleeves? (the nine card ones for binders)

Oh, and I got a surprise in my mailbox yesterday! BRAVE CARDS FROM MARIE! I love surprises.


  1. No. Blaster boxes are like wax boxes. Random packs of random cards.
    That being said, if you buy two wax boxes, you may get a lot of duplicates, so it may happen with blasters too... just up to the colation gods I guess.

    I buy my pages from local dealers. 100 to a box. Running anywhere from $15 to $18 a box depending on who it is. If you buy them online, expect to pay a lot of shipping as they are heavey for mail.

  2. I have never noticed a lot of duplicates when buying blasters. I usually bought mine at Toys R Us, WalMart or Target, so maybe I got lucky.

    As for how I store my favorite team, I usually just store base cards in 9 pocket pages. Same goes for my player collections. Everything else goes into either penny sleeves by themselves or penny sleeves and more sturdy protection (depending on thickness and type of card).

    Where to buy the 9 pocket pages? Try Atlanta Sports Cards (they have a website) or even the Dave & Adam's website.

  3. I keep my Bartlett and Crawford cards in top loaders in a box, the others are in penny sleeves sorted by players. I have two display cases that i keep the fancy cards in. i just use binders for sets with certain order. generally if i buy two blasters from the same store, i get a whole bunch of the same cards...

  4. I have a boat load of Braves cards to get rid of.... you down for a trade?? Marlins fan here!! Holla!

  5. Any Marlin cards inpaticuler you are looking for?