Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Secret santa for baseball bloggers?!

This may be a tad early, but I had an idea I wanted to toss out and see what others thought.

A secret santa for baseball bloggers.

Ok, so forgive me if this has been proposed before. I'm still new and haven't been around long. I also looked through a few blogs and didn't see anything.

I assume you know how secret santa works. You pick a name from a hat (or in this case from an online program) and you have to buy the person you picked a gift.

I was thinking that the gift would have to be baseball realted however. Or at the very least card related. Rather that be a pack of cards, or a card of favourite player, stickers, or whatever. The gift can be funny or serious, it just has to be realted to either baseball, or sports cards.

Also, there would be a limit. Not evreyone is made out of money and I'm not aiming for this to be a big ordeal.

For now this is simply at an idea phase. More to gauge interest. If people like it, then I'll move on to more concrete plans such as setting a date, limit/etc.

Now onto the..... QUESTIONS

First of all would anyone be at all intrested in doing this? Or for that matter what do you think of the idea?

What should the limit be? I was thinking nothing over tweenty really, maybe even ten dollars. There are a lot of items you can find for a fairly good price if you bother to look.

Should there be a wish list? Or should people try and sleuth around for the person they get and get them a “surprise"

Any suggestions or advice?


  1. I've actually thought about something along that line myself.I would say $15-25 and no list! Surprise is always the most exciting element.BTW,if you will email me (address on my profile) your address, I have some cards for you!

  2. I'm in! Great idea. I agree with Baseball Dad, surprise is always better. The person receiving should have to wait till the morning of whatever holiday they celebrate to open it, too. I think we can get a lot of people in on this. Great idea Sarah!

  3. Get. Out. Of. My. Head.

    I was actually thinking about this earlier while I worked.

    AND....I was going to post this tonight.

    You beat me to it.

    I'd be ALL over it.

    I agree with the two above me...surprises are more fun :D

  4. Put me down!!! I love the idea!! I'm also going to need an address where to send those Icon cards too..... that's my email address send it there....

  5. Glad evreyone seems to like it so far.

    I guess great minds think alike then, Anthony. :)

    I like the idea about people waiting to open it on the holiday that they celebrate.

  6. You are a genius! Count me in. :3