Monday, September 14, 2009

Not about baseball cards

For the first time in a long while, I didn't buy baseball cards.


Instead I bought the latest nerf gun, the Raider CS- 35. A really, really awesome gun.

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I like nerf guns. Besides, for baseball cards they are my only... hobby I guess you could call it. Or maybe fascination would be a better word. I don't don't really use them with other people, unless you count my four year old nephew who enjoys shooting some of the smaller guns when he visits. He loves to shoot my card board cut out of Chipper (Yes, I have a life sized cardboard cut out of the man in my room.) I just like messing around with them and shooting foam projectiles.

I've always been something of a tomboy. Never really like dolls, always played with ninja turtles and G.I Joes when I was kid. I also enjoyed nerf guns and I have yet to grow out of that urge. Still a big kid at heart. Plus the guns they had where no where near as cool as they where when I was young.

A lot of people seem to like to point out how childish and what a waste of money the guns are. Personally I see no difference in this then a woman that goes out and buys her nineteenth pair of shoes. I find owning more than half a dozen pair of shoes pointless, and buying any more to be a waste of money. If what I like makes me happy and doesn't hurt anyone, then who cares. I think people would be lot more happy and a lot less stressed if they didn't put so much emphasis on doing what is socially acceptable and just did what made them happy.

...and enough rambling. I am curious as to if any of you have ever owned a nerf gun. Or what where your favorite childhood toys? Still have any toys out there today you wish you could get your hands on?

P.S Oh, wait, I did also buy one pack of cards. Sadly all I got where doubles and triples.

PP.S And my counter is whacked up. Seriously whacked up. You don't go from a hundred hits to 11,000 in a week.


  1. I have (sadly) never shot a nerf gun... For toys, lately anyway, me and my puppy just play with the old knotted rope tug of way thing. I always loved all things Nerf, but I don't think they would last long in my house with the puppy... Glad you treated yourself to a gun, you deserve it.

  2. my wife says you're out of the Union... and then she went shoe shopping.

  3. Dogs are a lot more fun than a toy, as are cats.

    I'm glad our dog is out of the chewing stage. Although he will from time to time chew things if they are left out, like the phone from two years ago.

    The nerf guns are fairly resistant to chewing though, or they look like they would be anyhow. They take a lot of rough play and keep on working.

    I have about a dozen of them I've collected over the past few years... guns not dogs.

    and XD. I just can't get into shoes.

  4. I had a nerf gun back in the day, though it wasn't a very good one. They look way more impressive nowadays. Aside from cards, I've always been into the action figures. Still am, though I rarely get any unless they are way marked down.

    Oh, and there was a very brief period when I was about 10 or so when I had 10 pairs of random nonsensical shoes. I have no idea why, at no other point have I ever had more than three at very most.