Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Chrismas post you say?

A bit early for a Christmas post? Not according to the television which has been running Christmas commercials since the first of November and the stores with snowmen and Santa out before Halloween. On one isle you can buy a Jason mask and the other a singing Santa.

And me... putting up a life sized Santa at the end of the driveway, which hopefully will not be stolen like both are scarecrows where. Stealing Santa is just wrong though. Stealing baby Jesus from a manger scene is worse, even if he is plastic.

Enough of me rambling though.

Despite it being more than a decade since I have written to Santa, my family still asks for a list of what I want. This year the list is as follows...

1. Three ring binders of various sizes.
2. nine card Baseball holders
3. Padded envelopes of various sizes
4. Stamps
5. Baseball cards.
6. Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince DVD

Noticing a theme? :P

I don't really want that much this year. I don't really need that much. I know people don't have buckets of money and I figure at lot of these things are something they can afford. Plus I'd be happy as can be to receive a large three ringer binder than I would a HDTV. Truelly I would. I already have a TV that works, but not a binder.

My mom has already asked me to save links to the cards I want though as they are utterly clueless when it comes to cards. So long as they are baseball, I'd be happy though.

QUESTIONS (I has them!)

Do you guys have anything baseball/card related that you want this year?

What is the best baseball/sports related gift you have ever gotten?

For me it would be the signed base ball bat by Chipper my Mom go me last year.


  1. I'm hoping my wife takes a cue and gets me something card related. Doesn't seem like something she'd do, but I'm crossing my fingers.

    I've pointed this out on a couple other blogs recently, but thrift stores are great places to find 3 ring binders for a nickel, dime, or quarter. Same with garage sales in the summer. I think I got something like 10 for under a dollar at a garage sale of a couple of recent college grads. A few big ones, and a few smaller ones.

  2. Almost everything I want is baseball card related. But I ask for other items too so those who get freaked out about buying baseball-related stuff will calm down.

    I'm not sure what my best baseball gift was -- I still go back to being a kid and remember the first glove/cap that I received.

  3. I'm not asking for anything in particular, though I'm hoping for some baseball-related things.

    My parents have paid for my indy league team season ticket plans a couple of times, and my friend remembered that I was an Alay Soler fan and tracked down one of his game-used jerseys for me last year.

  4. We canceled Christmas presents this year (except for the kids in the family). But in past years I have explained that I don't need anything or have room for anything, except baseball cards. The truth is I don't have room for anything BECAUSE of the baseball cards.

    But I don't usually get cards because nobody knows where to buy them or what is good. I did get a giant pillow in the shape of a cow last year, though. He has a Christmas hat sewn to his head so he only comes out once a year for three weeks. This is another reason I don't have room for anything else.