Saturday, November 7, 2009

McCann's Lame Contest

So I've been wanting to do a contest. However, I really don't have that much to offer. I still don't have that much to offer really. What I do have is three packs of Donruss 1991 cards and two packs of 1993 topps series 1 cards. I know, not that grand, but it is free cards.


So if you want em, simply guess how may times Chipper Jones is displayed in my room. This does not include cards. Figurines, posters and pictures are included however. Person that gets it right are comes closest, wins. Contest lasts till next Saturday.


  1. well, since you are a really big fan i will guess 21... I have a lot of figurines in my room, but more of them are of Raymond the mascot than any one other player... I still don't have a Bartlett figure either!

  2. 11 seems like a good number, clearly makes you a fan but not obsessive.

  3. I don't think kitty would like that. ;P

    She dislikes/fears everyone but my mom and me. All she has to do is hear a strange voice in another room and she hides under my bed for hours afterward.