Friday, November 6, 2009

The mailman had been busy.

I got some packages this week, which makes me happy.

Thanks to Night Owl I am close to completing my 2006 topps set. He got me all but twelve of them. Whoo! Thank you.

I also got a surprise package from Troll yesterday. It contained a Curtis Granderson Jersey card, two other Curtis cards and even some Braves. There was note saying he wanted to be the first to give me a Curtis jersey card, and he was! :) The Curtis cards are now at home in their very own album and the Braves in their... shoe box. It is a nice shoe box that is decorated pwreeety though.

And and ANNNNNNNNND! I got my set of 1990 score set from Ebay.

I also had another post on another topic, but my computer ate it.

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