Friday, November 27, 2009

Packs for a dolllar & Secret santa update

I did something that I said I wouldn't do... I went to a store today. Three, in fact. Fred's, Wal-Mart and the dollar store.

Oddly enough, they where not that busy. I've even seen it busier on some days. Bonus of going after lunch I suppose.

Besides for getting my mom a few things... GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT????????!!!!!!!!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

Can you figure it out?

Guess what else?!

The dollar tree caries cards! Someone had mentioned that on another blog and I went and there they where! Actually, I almost missed them as they where near the register. Much smaller selection than the other blogger's dollar tree though. They only had two baseball products, upper deck 2008 series one and upper deck time line. Still baseball cards in a DOLLAR store. They also had hockey, football, and basketball,

As for the UPDATE....

When you get your secret Santa gift, please let me know here or through an e-mail. I'd just like to try and keep track of things. JUST DON"T OPEN IT YET.

Oh, and one or two of you haven't sent me an e-mail about who our secret santa is... please do so ASAP. I don't want someone to get nothing. If something has come up and you can't continue, let me know soon so I can make arrangments.

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  1. I loves me some Dollar Tree cards. I got two jersey cards from the five packs of soccer cards I bought, and the second one was David Beckham. That's gotta be up there with my best retail hits ever. :D