Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother nature is a Met fan.

Six innings and the game was called due to rain. Tommy Hanson had a big old L by his name when it scrolled by on the bottom of ESPN. Even worse is how that one run got on the board. I will not say it out loud. Or type it out loud.

Tommy Hanson was kicking ass. ASS. Rear end, Tailbone, booty, backside. ...butt.

I didn't even know they could call the game off like that. I mean, they have in the past but usually it was the eight or ninth inning and they where ahead by a boatload of runs.

If it where for bad luck, the Braves would have none at all.

Here I was all excited to see Chipper back in the lineup.

I'm depressed and going to bed.

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