Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is THIS?

So I am ripping a blaster of Topps Heritage and I come across this card.

Looks like a normal base, right?

Then I flip it over.

Err.. someone want to explain why that is on the back

I have a base Grady Sizemore with the normal back.

...and why do I have two # 60's ? One is a Babe Ruth with a white back and the other is a Asdrubal Cabrera. Both have number 60 on the back under the name Topps.

It may have a very obvious answer, but I am still a rookie (baseball) card collector.


  1. What you have there is a base card dice game variation.On the back of the wrapper it is listed on the first line in the Odds per Pack descriptions.The other is another short print base card variation.

  2. Nice, that Ruth variation is selling for $30+ on ebay right now. Apparently, there is also a Maris variation also.

  3. Thanks.

    *looks at back of a wrapper* Ahh.. I see now. I should start reading more.

    I just looked up the Ruth on ebay and someone is selling it for 39.99 O__o.

    The short print deal is confusing to poor little me though.

  4. Nice looking Ruth card. Keep or sell?

  5. Keep for now. I'm tempted to sell, but I haven't ever tried to sell anything on E-bay which seems the most likely route. Got an account but we buy/bid.

  6. Wow great pulls from a blaster. Congrats man.